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Red (Taylor’s Version) Book Tag

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having an amazing day whenever you read this. I intended to post this one in the beginning of February, but me and my family got covid and lived a very hard days as we recovered. Thankfully we're all healthy now and I'm back to blogging after after this involuntary… Continue reading Red (Taylor’s Version) Book Tag

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BOOK TAG: My Life In Books

Hey! Today I’m doing the My Life in Books tag. Thank you so much to Ellie from Eleanor Sophie Writes for tagging me! If you haven’t checked her blog, please do because she creates amazing content! Without further ado, let’s begin! 1. Find a book for each of your initials C – Crier’s War by… Continue reading BOOK TAG: My Life In Books

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TOP 10: Most intimidating books on my TBR

Hello and welcome to another one of my book talks! This time I want to show you some of my most intimidating reads. I’m not proud of it, but I procrastinate a lot. I’ve been posponing some of this books for even more than a year. So hopefully you have read some of them and… Continue reading TOP 10: Most intimidating books on my TBR