Hey! I’m Cielo (she/her), a 21-year-old reader, book blogger and aspiring writer from Latin America. I’ve been reading fictional stories to escape reality for over ten years, and though I enjoy books from almost all genres, the ones I prefer are Fantasy, Contemporary, Mystery/Thrillers and Romance. If a book has an original premise, the enemies-to-lovers trope, any kind or diverse rep, dark/spooky vibes, or is written by Taylor Jenkins Reid, the chances are that it’ll go straight to my TBR.

In 2021, I got my degree in Financial Administration, and I’m currently studying to learn a third language, French. However, my dream is to become an editor and translator, and work in the publishing industry someday. I’ve been working as a beta reader for almost a year now, and you can know all about it here.

When I’m not reading, you can find me binge watching series on Netflix, classic horror movies, listening to pop music or trying (and failing) to follow a makeup tutorial on Youtube.

I am open to work with authors and publishers, and you can contact me here to discuss it further.

About the blog

Bellerose Reads launched in March 2020, as I wanted to meet more people in the book community and share my love for the many books I was discovering and loving at the time. From the beginning, my blog has received an acceptance and support from the (wonderful) community that I can’t thank enough, and in my first year as a blogger I won the Best New Book Blogger category on the 2020 Book Blogger Awards.

After a year-long hiatus that began in December 2020, Bellerose Reads is back to bring the content you’ve loved + brand new content that I hope you can love just as much. Bellerose Reads is full of discussions about the book community, reviews and recommendations, book tags and book blogging advice. And a dash of Taylor Swift content, because why not?

My reading taste is, of course, reflected on the content of this blog, so you can expect me to ramble endlessly on books with Latinx representation, strong and morally gray female characters, enemies-to-lovers trope, shocking plot twists, and overly original plots.