Beta Reading Services

What is a beta reader?

“A beta reader is usually a test reader of an unreleased work of literature or other writing, who gives feedback from the point of view of an average reader to the author. A beta reader is not a professional and can therefore provide advice and comments in the opinions of an average reader. This feedback is use by the writer to fix remaining issues with plot, pacing, and consistency. The bet reader also serves as a sounding board to see if the book has had the intended emotional impact.”

-Karen Hellekson, Kristina Busse (2006). Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet: New Essays

Why should you hire me?

I’ve been reading books from a wide variety of genres for the past eight years. I know what is liked in these genres as well as what doesn’t work, and how to improve the weak points in a manuscript in terms of character development, pacing, worldbuilding and narration. So far, I’ve worked with over 80 clients, and you can find some of their testimonials at the end of this page. I’m able to offer my thoughtful and honest feedback, always coming from a place of respect, and have a keen eye for plot holes and inconsistency. But going beyond that, I’m also capable of coming up with suggestions to improve your work based on the weak points I spot while reading, offering further assistance after I delivered my feedback if needed.

What am I offering?

  • A detailed, three-part report (8 to 18 pages), addressing plot inconsistencies, character development, dull moments, pacing, narration and writing style. I’ll also include my thoughts on the opening scenes (Did it catch my attention? Does it start in the right place? What would make the scene better to attract readers and potential agents?), middle and ending (Level of satisfaction, clues adding to the conclusion, possible loose threads, etc.)
  • In-line comments on the manuscript with my thoughts on certain paragraphs/dialogues.
  • Correction of minor typos on the manuscript, per the author’s request at no extra cost.
  • The option to answer up to 20 specific questions on your story, which you can send before or after receiving my report.

What I’m NOT offering?

  • Editing and/or ghostwriting services.
  • Line-by-line analysis of your book.

What I WILL NOT do to/with your manuscript

  • Share or expose your unpublished work.
  • Take away your voice as an author.
  • Rewrite your work.

Genres and age groups I read

I can offer beta reading services for books in all age groups (Middle Grade to Adult). I’m open to reading short stories, novelettes, novelas and novels. I am:

  • Very interested in Fantasy (all subgenres included) and Contemporary books.
  • Interested in Romance, Mystery/Thriller, Historical Fiction and Sci-Fi books.
  • Not interested in Non-Fiction, Memoir books.

If you’re not sure under which category your book falls under, feel free to send the blurb to my email and I’ll let you know if it’s something I’d be interested in or not.

Rates and payment method

I will charge 1$ per 1000 words, which means 0.001$ per word. For example, beta reading a 50.000-word manuscript would cost you 50$. For short stories with a word count of 5000 words or under, I charge a flat rate of $5.

Payments are done through PayPal only, paid before I start reading the manuscript. If you’re on a tight budget or unemployed, we can discuss a more flexible payment method.

When it comes to the estimated turnaround time, it will depend on my current availability and the word count of your story. You can email me to ask for my availability. However, if you’re in a rush and/or your time frame isn’t flexible, I charge a rush fee of 35$ for a week and 50$ for three days.

Want to work with me?

Contact me at if you have any questions. If you’ve already decided you want to work with me, please send me an email with the subject “Beta reading request” and make sure to include the manuscript’s title, blurb, word count, genre, and what you’re expecting from our collaboration (if there’s any questions you’d like me to answer regarding your manuscript, make sure to include them!). If you have a specific deadline, please include it in the email as well. I’ll make sure to get back to you within the next three days.


“Cielo kindly provided me with her honest thoughts and feedback for the opening pages of my manuscript (full first chapter). She answered my questions and addressed my concerns clearly, and she also gave me her own additional thoughts on the material she read. Her feedback, which was delivered in a kind, respectful manner, helped me see what her thought process was when reading and if the focus was directed where I wanted it to or if I needed to make things more clear/precise. Overall, I was absolutely satisfied with her feedback!”

Kenny Valentine, YA Contemporary Novel

“Cielo Bellerose provided a constructive critique, and valuable input that enabled me to polish my story. She was thorough, addressing my concerns and adding her own viewpoint on what worked and what didn’t. She caught a few typos, which I greatly appreciated. I’m now working on book two of a trilogy, and I will definitely use her services again”

Sally Dallas, Mystery/Thriller Novella

“Cielo gave a very thorough and constructive critique, addressing concerns I had as well as giving her own thoughts. She was kind and respectful the entire time and caught things I never would have been able to on my own. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a beta reader.”

Emma Palludan, YA Fantasy Novel.

Cielo was happy to read my very scrappy first attempt at a novel. I was only a quarter of the way through but she was happy to look at everything I had so far. It was great to read her raise in her professional report some issues with parts that I thought needed changing but she was also able to point out other things that I had not identified which has given me a very useful steer. I was also struggling with what genre my book fits into and she was able to give her opinion on that.

She also came back to much much quicker than originally estimated. It was great to hear that she had so many positive points which has given me the encouragement to continue writing. I would highly recommend using her services.

Lisa Thomas, Magical Realism Novel.

Cielo gave me an excellent, detailed critique of my first chapter. She commented on things I did well, which was nice to hear after a few major edits of it, so I’m going in the right direction! Her suggestions for changes in the chapter were great ideas and I believe would help me to create a better hook for the readers. I will definitely be taking her suggestion for edits!

Leah Thomas, YA Contemporary Novel.

Thanks so much to Cielo for her detailed and insightful critique. Her recommended tweaks will definitely be implemented to tighten up the plot in my spec fiction. She also gave me a nice confidence boost and I’m excited about the next step in the journey.

Pepita Maiden, Adult Speculative Fiction Novel.

Just wanted to thank you for the great beta read you did for me on my novel A SHAME TO KILL. Very helpful. It’s been about a week and I’m still making the improvements suggested, and it’s getting better and better with each tap of the keyboard.

Karlos, Mystery/Thriller Novel.

Cielo did an incredible job. Her feedback was detailed, thorough, and truthful. Her notes helped me see which beats landed as intended, and where there were points of confusion. It was helpful to see the reader’s thoughts throughout as well as her thoughts on the beginning having read the ending. It was definitely the most helpful beta reading feedback I’ve ever received. Worth it.

Stephanie Benge Pearson, Adult Thriller Novel

I hired Cielo to read my entire 93,000 word manuscript. She did an excellent job. The advice and feedback she gave gives the impression she’s an older seasoned veteran of writing. For the price too, I felt it was a steal. I recommend hiring her now before her prices go up.

Hermann, Adult Sci-Fi novel.

Cielo gave me detailed feedback on a 65-page/16k-word Sci-Fi short story, with inline comments that helpfully identified what stuck out to her as she read. I really appreciated that the feedback was a mix of things she enjoyed and things to improve–this way I know where I’m going in the right direction as well as where I can improve. The feedback overall was comprehensive and specific, and I definitely feel I got my money’s worth.

Thomas, Adult Sci-Fi short story.

Cielo was a great beta reader for the first few chapters of my supernatural/magic realism novel! Her notes were super helpful, and I appreciated the level of detail and thought she put into them. I’d highly recommend her to any other author!

Carolyn Drake, Adult Supernatural Novel.

I can highly recommend Cielo! Her feedback was very detailed and she pointed out all the issues she had with my story, but was still very encouraging. I loved reading her feedback and I’ll definitely work with her again 😀

Vivian Sader, YA Fantasy Novel.

Cielo just finished beta reading book 1 of a two-book story, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. She was professional, telling me what she thought was good as well as what she felt needed improvement. Her suggestions really made me consider doing things differently, and I have to say she was one of the very best beta reading experiences I have had. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an honest opinion from another set of eyes. I will definitely use her again for book 2 and any other books I have.

Chris Liberty, Adult Adventure Novel.

Like all these other commenters, I also had an incredible experience working with Cielo. Her feedback is not just detailed, it also demonstrates she has a deep understanding of good storytelling. Of all the beta readers and critique work I’ve had done on my manuscript, hers was by far the best.

Amanda, Adult Women’s Fiction Novel.

Cielo just finished beta reading my second dinosaur book, and I have to say she did an excellent job, like she did with the first. She let me know what she thought of the flow, character development, their interactions with each other, any plot holes, etc; just everything that we authors need to know to improve and strengthen our stories. She told me to give her until May 15 to finish it; she got it back to me two weeks early!

Hire Cielo, because you won’t regret it, and your story will be vastly improved. I cannot wait to hire her for any other book I write.

Chris Liberty, Adult Adventure Novel (Book Two)

Cielo beta read my contemporary romance, and she delivered. Her feedback was comprehensively detailed where she understood the plot, character development, and motivations. So when there were improvements/suggestions needed, she did it in a way that worked for the characters and plot. Throughout all of the feedback, she remained positive and highlighted the good parts of the book. She had a deep understanding of the story which is crucial. I’ll definitely be utilizing her services for my future manuscripts.

Jannat, Adult Romance Novel.

I hired 4 Beta readers for my novel. Of the 4, Cielo was the best, with a thorough breakdown of the pages themselves, and an in-depth analysis of the good and the bad. Thank you for your help, Cielo!

M.A, Adult Fantasy Novel.

I used Cielo twice for the same novel–one right after the other. What you get with Cielo is an excellent, well thought out report and inline comments that look at the story from every angle. There was an element to my story I knew was lacking and she touched on it several times through the first beta read as well as countless other issues and comments. I had her go back a second time to focus on that one element and what I was given was a very detailed and specific beta read report that was exactly what I was looking for. You cannot go wrong with Cielo. She’s well worth the money.

Rusty Armstrong, Adult Contemporary Novel.

I encourage authors to engage Cielo for beta reading and manuscript evaluation. I’ve worked with many helpful Beta’s, however I found Cielo’s insights into character motivation and depth extremely helpful as I continue to work through the final stages of my story. She gave a very detailed and useful reader report that I’ve been using a roadmap for changes.

She was prompt and delivered ahead of schedule. I will be working with Cielo on future projects!

Scott Ousdahl, Adult Crime/Mystery Novel.

I had Cielo Bellerose beta read and critique my novel End Man. I’ve revised the novel numerous times, and it’s received an equal number of critiques. I thought I’d pretty much solved all the problems, found all the typos. Cielo, however, brings to a project an attitude of responsibility. She wants the novel to be the best it can be, so her reading is thoughtful, passionate, and meticulous. She spends an enormous amount of time on each chapter, digs into the characters, and questions the plot where it should be questioned. End Man will be a better work for Cielo’s efforts. I highly recommend her as a beta reader.

Alex Austin, author of Nakamura Reality (The Permanent Press, 2016), which received a Publishers Weekly starred review and was called, “powerful and moving.”

Cielo was a beta reader my children’s book. I received my report in good time and pleased with the feedback and effort she put in. She provided comments and critiques, which told me specifically what needed improvement, and praised what worked well in my story. I recommend her services and look forward to working with her again.

Caitlin, Children’s Christmas Short Story.

I appreciate the insight Cielo provided as a beta-reader for my manuscripts. She highlighted the nuances of Latin American culture that as an outsider I missed. She was helpful during the beta-reading process by asking me questions to guide her understanding. Not only this, but the report she provided after the reading was thorough and clear.

Ivy, Young Adult Contemporary Novel.

I am in love with the feedback. It touched upon what I wanted, and gave me great insight into my work. Cielo has an excellent talent for picking up on nuances, and the format of your feedback was easy-to-read. 

I’m incredibly happy that I had Cielo as a beta reader, and have every intention of returning to her for my next piece (or maybe this one again once I edit it!). 

D.L. Harper, Adult Fantasy Novel.

Cielo, your feedback was very helpful! It has helped clarify many parts of my story. Your write-up was detailed and fair. Thank you so much!

Jo Denning, Adult Fantasy Novel.

Cielo Bellerose was absolutely amazing and detailed!

She gave me some great tips and feedback on my character development, feelings, and motives, and encouraged what I had written while showing me where things can be added and changed.

She showed me the importance of ‘grounding’ information to readers since the book she beta read was a sequel in a series. As a result, she helped me see where Book 2 needed to be grounded to read as a standalone by itself. She also explained to me the certain rough parts where I ‘panned out’ with POV and lost the characters’ inner experiences as compared to parts where I had written in close character-to-reader distance.

She had so many great suggestions about making characters real and deep, and the ‘worldbuilding magic rules’ that were not as shown and present in this book as in Book 1, reminding me that I need to inform readers about them to lessen confusion, as well as details that should be added to show culture and historical accuracy in a fantasy book.

I definitely recommend Cielo as a reader. She was prompt and very detailed in her analysis, and I look forward to working with her again on a future book!

Julianne Munich, Adult Fantasy Novel.

I hired Cielo to beta read my novel, “Laviro and the Fate of the Universe!”

Her report was so thorough! Out of the seventeen betas I’ve had this round and the almost thirty in all, she’s by far one of the best!! ❤️ (And believe me! I have tons of experience with good and bad betas!!) You better believe she’s on my rehire list for book two!! She touched on a lot of scenes and elements other betas didn’t mention! Fantastic! Cielo has such a keen eye and unique views! She filled in the gaps and had suggestions where other betas didn’t!!

Cielo went into so much detail with every suggestion! I appreciate it so much!! Her beta report was so comprehensive, I couldn’t come up with a single question! I know her report is going to be a big help during my last revision!

Cielo, I can’t thank you enough for your sincerity, kind words, and constructive criticism! Thanks again for helping make “Laviro and the Fate of the Universe” the best it can be!

Nicole Bible, YA Fantasy Novel.

Cielo has been one of my favourite Beta reader’s to work with. She not only comments critically, she also reminds you what is strong and is received well as a reader, which is something not all offer. Cielo gave a different insight to the usual line editing that I am used to, focusing on larger aspects like character development and world building.

Cielo was able to notice points of confusion, and plot holes that escaped my notice and was very kind in her approach. She doesn’t look to change your manuscript, only offers suggestions on how to better it which I can say has already improved my MS by a huge margin!

I am so grateful for her feedback and would seriously recommend her! If you have doubts, don’t! The results are 100% worth it!

Morgan J. Alexander, Adult Fantasy Novel.

I’ve worked with Cielo before and I love her work! She provided me with very good feedback for my manuscript that was very helpful. The feedback left by Ceilo has guided me in the direction, I should go and provided me with extra scenes I could add within my novel. I highly recommend her! You won’t be disappointed.

Brittney W, Young Adult Fantasy Novel.

We can’t begin to describe how much we appreciate Cielo’s eyes on our work. Her notes and commentary were very helpful and were in line with what we anticipated were strengths and weaknesses. 

Dezirae Bates and Joshua Lavatai, YA Fantasy Novel.

Cielo provided extremely detailed and thoughtful feedback on my manuscript. She had both chapter-by-chapter commentary and overall feedback on what she liked and some areas where I could strengthen it. Her feedback was refreshingly honest, while also being very encouraging. I would absolutely work with her again and encourage anyone looking for beta readers to work with her too!

Meghan, Adult Fantasy Novel.

Cielo is hands down the best Beta reader I have had. Her in depth analysis and feedback gives me a new perspective on my book and touches on things that I didn’t even think about. I had already been querying and thought my book was as polished as it could be. After reading her feedback, I’m actually excited about going back and editing! She was very quick in her turn around and her opinions about my book meant a lot to me. Not only did she point out where I needed improvements, she pointed out what she liked and why she liked it. As an author who just wrote her first book, it truly meant a lot to me. Honestly, I cannot recommend her enough and I can’t wait to send her my future books!

K.E. Larkin, Middle Grade Magical Realism.

Cielo gave me a spectacular and detailed critique of my novel. I really appreciated how she got into the fine details of my story and gave me feedback and suggestions that would elevate my manuscript as a whole. She is a thorough, truthful and honest beta reader who gets into every aspect of the story, and points out what can be improved on a specific basis. Her services are impeccable.

Petiri Ira, YA Contemporary Novel.

Cielo was exactly the beta reader I needed, her honest and constructive feedback allowed me to understand my novel from a readers viewpoint. Her detailed report gives me the details I need on where to improve but also what was good and shouldn’t be changed. I will be using her to reread my novel once I have improved it using her feedback.

JL Douglas, Romance Contemporary Novel.

I hired Cielo to beta read my WIP and received fantastic service. Starting from my initial inquiry up until the final report, she was very communicative and pleasant. The work she delivered was highly detailed and provided plenty of feedback that has really helped me fine-tune my manuscript.

For any author in need of a solid, smart, insightful beta reader, I highly recommend Cielo.

Brian, Contemporary YA Novel.

I’ve never hired someone to be a beta reader, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I asked Cielo Bellerose to beta read my novel, “Luck & Vengeance” however, it’s safe to say, I was entirely impressed and satisfied with the feedback she gave me.

Cielo was honest with her feedback, but also respectful and clear with what she was trying to say. At no point did I feel discouraged from wanting to write, which was something I was worried might happen from getting feedback. Instead, I felt even more excited to continue my work, and can truthfully say I’ve read over her response multiple times.

Cielo was also perfect on timing, as she gave feedback on the date she had said she would, and she was friendly and easy to communicate with as well. I would recommend her immediately to anyone searching for a beta reader-I’ve already mentioned her to a friend of mine.

Cielo, thank you for reviewing my book, I know it was rather lengthy, so I appreciate your time and the detailed response you gave back to me. Without a doubt I will be contacting you if I ever complete another piece of work.

Keelyann, Victorian Contemporary Fiction Novel.

Cielo provided great and insightful feedback. She helped me see what I was doing well but also highlighted areas for improvement. Her notes gave me ideas to help improve and strengthen how I showcase my character’s emotions and the lore of the story. Her feedback was provided in a timely manner in accordance with the initial timeline she gave to me upon our consultation.

Bo Bunn, Adult Fantasy Novella.

Cielo’s beta reading services prompted me to think on big-picture and scene-by-scene/chapter-by-chapter areas that required looking at anew. With only the first few chapters edited, I’ve made improvements in logic, clarity, and consistency across the scenes, cutting out some complex terminology, expanding some areas to make the reader more invested. It’s clear more work was needed in my story before Cielo, who made the process so much easier. Thank you, Cielo!

Alex James, Adult Sci-Fi Novel.

I contacted Cielo about helping me determine what sections of my manuscript could be trimmed down without hurting the story development. She was easy to get in touch with and finished reading and critiquing my book even faster than we had agreed on, which helped me greatly with my deadline. 

Cielo gave me kind and helpful comments about the flow and development of my story and very detailed feedback on world building, characters, and plot details. She was very thorough and professional. I will definitely be getting in touch with her to critique my future stories.

Becky Puff, YA Fantasy Novel

Cielo Bellerose was a very professional and thorough beta reader. I enjoyed reading her analysis and took all of her criticisms seriously, because they were very well-thought out and valid. I was most struck by her thoughtfulness in chapter by chapter rundowns. Her final notes were also very helpful, as they felt very put-together and clean, summarizing her feelings about the overall plot, characters, and world building. It was also nice to have compliments as well as criticisms, since it’s good to know your strengths as well as your weaknesses. I would recommend Cielo to my fellow authors. Very reasonably priced and very helpful!

K.L Somniate, Urban Fantasy Novel

Cielo Bellerose made the beta reading process straightforward and simple, delivering insightful feedback on time, as promised. I will definitely use her services again!

Naomi Shibles, YA Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel

I needed someone to check my new novel’s Spanish words/phrases, but I got much more than that. Cielo’s Spanish comments were right on, but the bonus was her in-depth, multi-page “report” with her Beta Reader Feedback. It was extremely valuable and well worth her reasonable fee.

Harald Johnson, Suspense Thriller Novel