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Book Blogger Highlight #1: Beth from BooksNest (+Interview!)

Hello everyone! I’m so happy to share this new section of my blog with you. Since I already had many scheduled posts, I couldn’t write an introduction post to have a more detailed explanation, but here’s all you need to know.

Book Blogger Highlight is a new monthly section where I’ll be sharing with you all kinds of posts (interviews, guest posts, etc.) with the purpose of getting to know some book bloggers whose content I love and think deserves to be praised and recognized.
You’ll find popular bloggers and lesser known ones, but they’ll all have something in common: their blogs are amazing and you should check them out.

For the first post I had the pleasure to interview Beth from BooksNest. Beth, thank you so so much for answering my questions and take part on this new section of my blog. Before we get into the questions, let’s know a bit more about her!

Beth’s biography as seen on her blog

I’m Beth, an award-winning blogger who writes about my love of books. I also cover topics based on mental health, blogging/social media tips and travel. Writing is a passion of mine, I like to be able to help people and bring positivity where I type. This is my little yellow corner of the internet.

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Interview Questions

1. What are your favorite type of posts to write and why?

I like writing the posts where I have more of a discussion/chat with my readers. For example, I’m working on one a the moment about problematic characters in books. I feel like they’re more of a casual essay format and I don’t write them as often so I like it when I do! I can really get stuck into the topic.

2. You seem to have so much on your plate! A job, a blog, a youtube cannel… how do you balance it all to avoid burnout?

Honestly I’m worried one will be coming soon because I am doing a lot! But I think I’m very good at time management, I know exactly what I have to do and what to do to avoid being over run with work. To-do lists are my friend for sure, without writing everything down I would be a bit lost! 

3. Your blog’s name, BooksNest, is such a beautiful name. Is there any particular reason for you to chose that?

Honestly I wish I could say there was a story behind it, but I picked it over 4 years ago now so I can’t really remember! I think the books side of thing of course is the niche of my content and maybe I liked the idea of a nest of books… who wouldn’t?

4. What was your last 5 star read? (if you have posted a review of it, feel free to link it!)

The last five star read for me was Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes, which I adored! Here is my review.

5. What goals do you aspire to reach in the future, regarding your blog and your youtube channel?

Ultimately I would love to be able to work part time and be supported by my blogging ventures because I am really loving creating this content and would love to put as much time into it as possible. I’d like to keep growing, my YouTube is still new so bringing a wider audience to that is important to me too. I hope people continue to enjoy my content and I can make at least one person smile! 

6. What do you want readers to take from your blog? Any particular message you aim to send to them?

I always like to promote positivity with the content I create, so I hope people take a certain level of positivity from my blog and social channels. I also of course want to be able to recommend people books, but something else I love doing it offering content creation advice. So I hope that I can help people when it comes to creating their own channels online. 

7. When people are asked “what are your favorite book bloggers?”, you are mentioned in many of the answers. Could you please tell us what are your favorite bloggers and/or booktubers?

Oh gosh there’s so many! A few bloggers would be:
Lauren from FictionTea
Connie from ConnieReads
Amy from Amy’s Bookshelf
Kate from Reading Through Infinity
Hollie from HollieBlog


Ashleigh: A Frolic Through Fiction
Tazmyn: TeaBooksAndTazmyn
Piera: Piera Forde
Britt: Basically Britt

I’m missing people off I know, but those are a few favs!

8. Can you please give an advice to those who are just starting their blogs?

I would say take your time with it, don’t be top critical of yourself. Do it because you enjoy it. Research into SEO, marketing, Pinterest etc and get a good base understanding of the tools that can help you. And just try and always create content you love! 

That is all for this post! I hope you like this new section of my blog, I’d be more than happy to hear your feedback and if you’d like to suggest something I should change/add in this interactive section with the bloggers, please let me know!

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